Zebra – How to see the ‘big picture’, up close

You may not know it, but you encounter Zebra Technologies every day. Actually, many times every day, in fields ranging from education to aviation, healthcare to hospitality; retail to restaurants, and everything in between.

Zebra’s mark – the barcode – seems to be everywhere. In fact, more than 90% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies routinely depend upon Zebra to help them ‘put the right asset in the right place at the right time’ – and to keep track of it, often in real time.

Today, the company operates from 100 countries and has long ago celebrated the shipment of its six millionth product. The word ‘ubiquitous’ simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

So how, then, do you draw attention to something that’s everywhere? And how do breathe new life into something so pervasive that we take it for granted?

What, in short, is the essence of ‘interest’? These were the questions facing the Signals creative team when Zebra commissioned a new ‘guide to everything Zebra’. Like many of Signal’s clients, Zebra’s brief called for something attentiongrabbing, visually exciting and sophisticated.It also had to work in eight different languages.

The solution was to create a compelling Flash presentation which takes the viewer step-by-step through Zebra’s marketplace, products, credentials and case studies. Signals worked with a copywriter to define the onscreen messaging and speaker support script, ‘storyboarding’ each sequence in detail before turning the project over to the technical team to work its magic.

This collaborative approach, which encourages and leverages the particular skills of the client’s marketing team as well as dedicated creative, technical and project management specialists from Signals, has been successful time and time again.

The final presentation, which can be used standalone or as a presentation aid, and can be updated as and when required, made its debut at Zebra’s annual kick-off meeting and is now a staple part of the communications mix at all major events around Europe. From start to finish, the entire animation lasts around 8 minutes. And that’s not bad when you’re trying to describe something that you see pretty much everywhere, all the time.

Benefits at a glance

  • A compelling way to summarise a wide-ranging message
  • Multi-purpose: use standalone or as a presentation aid
  • Easily updatable to accommodate news developments
  • Breathes new life into something which people take for granted
  • Clearly communicates market leadership and brand values

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