Xerox – iPhones: success in your pocket

A major international manufacturer, with offices right around the world, had invested heavily in digital interactive technology to maximise the efficiency of its highly mobile direct and indirect sales channels. The technology – a suite of solutions developed by Signals – worked well, making huge volumes of information readily accessible over the web.

Because its product range was so large,  the manufacturer wanted to make life easier for its sales people by selectively providing only the most important information and tools; reducing ‘clutter’ and ‘information overload’.

Signals knew that many of manufacturer’s sales people were habitual iPhone users. Realising that this platform could be used to make key information – up to date prices, product specifications, unique selling points, the latest news and promotions, and so on – instantly available, our design and technical teams used their expertise in smartphone apps to solve the problem.

The App was so successful that the manufacturer quickly commissioned Signals to add extra functions.  The latest version works on all iPhones and smartphones and has the ability to run video demonstrations of the products in action. It also gives access information from a respected independent research laboratory to compare each product to its nearest competitors.

The result? Any and all of the manufacturers direct and indirect sales people can access all the information they need for successful selling, from anywhere there is a mobile phone signal.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ideal for a highly mobile sales force
  • Distributes relevant, accurate and useful information
  • Makes key sales tools accessible from any smartphone
  • No need for a laptop
  • Uses a familiar user interface for zero learning curve

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