Xerox – How to have better sales training AND more selling time

It’s one of the oldest business conundrums and one which every sales director on the planet continually wrestles with. To perform at their best, sales people need to be well trained. But every hour spent in training is an hour lost to the revenue stream. It’s a tough equation to resolve.

Now multiply the problem by thousands of sales people, selling hundreds of products and solutions in dozens of countries around the world. That is the challenge that a major office equipment manufacturer faces every time it launches a new product or refreshes an existing one. To complicate matters further, each product is multi-featured and multi-functional, and could be based on any of a number of underlying technologies. Effective training is essential. Enter Signals.


The client asked Signals to create a digital interactive solution which its sales people could access online wherever and whenever they needed to. It had to be created quickly (highly competitive market forces mean that product specifications are kept secret until the last practicable moment), cost effective, compelling and available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The team at Signals chose Microsoft PowerPoint – a product it knows inside out – to create a base-level presentation which it then enriched with interactive Flash elements, including a glossary and other supplementary resources.

The next step was to export the enhanced solution to Adobe Presenter to create a solution which is compatible with the easy to use ForceTen software: a popular Learning content Management System. ForceTen compatibility is important because it lets the content be updated as and when required with little or no technical expertise.

In plain English, the result was an online training course, rich in information and complete with audio and animated graphics which can run on more than 98% of the world’s computers without the need to install extra software. It was also eminently suitable for in-house translation, which brought immediate cost-savings and faster time to launch.

The course guides the sales person through the features, benefits, technology, markets, positioning, USPs and options, before concluding with a real-time multiple choice assessment at the end.

Benefits at a glance

  • Very quick build time and ease of editing
  • Complex animations containing text can be translated in-house country without technical skills
  • Financial savings of around 40% compared to similar courses
  • Localised in-house translation reduced the burden on global marketing budget
  • An effective, on-demand training tool which need not impede on a person’s selling time

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