Xerox – Help your customers to decide

If your sales people have to help your customers make a choice between similar offerings from competing suppliers, we have the technology to give them the edge that they need.

Our client, a market-leading manufacturer of office equipment, encouraged its network of technology partners to develop a range of software solutions that would run on its multifunction systems (MFPs).

The idea was to add value to its MFPs and open new sales opportunities by making them capable of automating routine manual tasks, such as scanning supplier invoices direct to the accounts department, for example.

The initiative was so successful the manufacturer soon had a range of solutions to offer its customers. Inevitably, some solutions had similar capabilities and the company’s sales teams were spending valuable time trying to find the exact fit for their customer’s requirements.

Signals was able to develop a secure online system which gives the sales person a direct, feature-for-feature comparison of every software application. It lets sales people cut through the sales ‘hype’ to make an unbiased recommendation based on the customer’s exact and individual needs.

The customer gets what he needs and the salesperson gives confident, evidence-based endorsements every time.

Benefits at a glance

  • Conduct feature-by-feature product comparisons
  • Make sales based on factual evidence
  • Spend less time researching alternative solutions
  • Quickly find the solution that’s best for your customer
  • Identify upselling opportunities

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