Thomson Reuters – Asset Management eLearning

Signals were asked to bring to life their existing printed learning material and add an extra dimension by allowing the user to learn by interacting with each module through visual animation, puzzles, and quiz sections rather than just reading each page and answering questions at the end of each section. Individual human characters, all with different but relevant occupations, are used to personalise the course and help the user relate to the content.

Each user can track their progress and write notes for further reference as they work through the course. Users access 4 core sections independently with key sections holding up to 19 modules and 63 sub-modules in total, resulting in a course lasting approximately 2 hrs. The course also works on tablet devices and allows Smartphone users access the content too.

As you can see from above here are just a few examples showing how we transformed the content into engaging, user friendly content that is easily understood.

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