Stuart Turner – Easier ways to do business

Leading pump manufacturer Stuart Turner Ltd is passionate about efficiency and customer satisfaction. Keen to get the best possible use from its web site, the company asked Signals to develop a system that would make it easier for customers to identify and order the correct spare parts from a large and varied range.

Stuart Turner also wanted to reduce the time that it’s highly qualified experts were spending on routine administration and first-tier customer support, freeing them for more strategic roles.

Signals designed and implemented a secure, interactive web site at which a plumber or engineer can simply enter the serial number of the pump they want to service. In an instant, they are presented with an exploded line diagram of that particular model, with all the parts neatly listed and numbered. From then, it’s simply a matter of placing the order online.

Ease of use throughout the site was a major part of the design brief. Visitors to the site can also download a full range of installation and technical manuals, click through to a wide selection of related information and submit questions about choosing, installing and servicing each product.

Signals then linked the site to Stuart Turner’s customer relationship management (CRM) system which logs each enquiry and ensures that it’s dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any enquiry which remains unresolved beyond a reasonable time is automatically flagged for immediate action.

Benefits at a glance

  • An easier way to do business
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Skilled staff redeployed to more strategic roles
  • Lower cost of sale
  • Fewer returns from incorrect orders

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