Shell – Keep your customers informed

How do you communicate the specifications of more than 4,500 products to a customer base that covers almost every country in the world? That was the challenge facing a major oil company specialising in lubricants for use in everything from lawnmowers to passenger jets.

In theory, it’s possible to publish and distribute a large, all-inclusive product catalogue. But that’s expensive and it goes out of date the instant a new product is introduced or a current one is modified or withdrawn.

Determined to make life easier and less expensive for its client, Freedman International – a thriving marketing and technology business consultancy with a pedigree of working with famous international brands – challenged Signals to come up with a digital solution.
The answer was both elegant in design and simple in implementation. Signals leveraged one of its document Technology Platforms to import product information from a variety of sources and formats to a secure web-based repository.

The system allows people with the appropriate authorisation to quickly locate up-to-date specifications for any and all of the lubricants they might need and to compile that information into a personalised, 100% relevant, quick reference manual.

Benefits at a glance

  • An easier way to communicate product information to a global customer base
  • Instantly updateable for total accuracy
  • Make new product introductions quicker and easier
  • Dramatic savings on the cost of print and distribution
  • Reduced translation costs

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