Quantel – How to publish securely to iPads

Quantel is a respected international leader in the fast moving, extremely competitive, content creation industry.

Today, its technology has been used across the globe in the production of countless TV dramas, news and sports programmes, commercials, documentaries and thousands of movies.

Steve Owen, the company’s Director of Marketing, knows that the ability to share commercially sensitive information – including videos, graphics and animations – with the people who need it (whilst denying it to everyone else) is vital to the health of his business. He’s also quick to leverage advances in digital technology to give his people an ‘edge’.

Bringing these two issues together, the question he posed to Signals was this: ‘is it possible to use iPads to distribute confidential information without any risk of it leaking to unauthorized third parties?’

At first glance, the answer was ‘no’. Apps for the iPad have to pass through Apple’s vetting and approval process. The time that this would take and the potential security risks were unacceptable.

A different approach was needed. And it was needed fast, because the deadline for publication was just two or three weeks away. Lateral thinking saved the day.

Signals built a secure website for Quantel, blocking access from the outside world. We then used ‘site grabbing’ software to grab the site’s content and transfer it to a number of iPads within the agreed deadlines.

In effect, every iPad had a kind of ‘pseudo-App’, which had neatly bypassed Apple’s time-consuming approval process, contained all of the information that Quantel wanted to distribute, and had the familiar look and feel of a web site.

Like a website, the content can be updated quickly and easily. But unlike a website or an App, access to the content is accessible only by the owner of the iPad. Nothing is left online; nothing is left to chance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Total security for distributing sensitive information
  • No third party approval required
  • Can be accessed only by the iPad owner
  • Quick and easy to update content
  • Looks and feels like a website
  • Is used offline, without an internet connection

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