Gazing – How to make training pay off

When a world-famous training company, whose clients include Xerox, Aviva, Experian, Avis and UPS – not to mention the impressively successful New Zealand All Blacks – calmly mentions that the vast majority of training (perhaps as much 75%) is a waste of time, it comes as something of a surprise.

And then, when it claims that most of its own clients agree, with some putting the figure even higher, you get the impression that something rather odd is going on.

But it’s true. And it’s the reason why Gazing Performance Systems uses an entirely different approach.

Gazing’s methods are impossible to describe in a brief article. But their efficacy is undeniable. In part, it’s all about ‘performing under pressure – helping individuals and teams develop the ability to think clearly, feel in control, and act effectively when under the extreme pressure of stressful, highly competitive environments.

A global reach

These guys are at the top of their game. But there’s a problem. How do you deliver the training to, say, every sales manager in a global corporation that directly employs 140,000 people?

You can’t visit them all. You probably couldn’t even provide them with training manuals. And even if you could, would that really work or would you be relegating yourself to the 75% majority of failed training?

Gazing has the knowledge, experience and expertise to make a real difference. It also has a huge library of paper-based tools. What it lacked was a global delivery system. Until, that is, it turned to Signals for help.

If you want to get ahead, get an App

Glazing sat down with the Signals design team and explained its approach, which is closer to coaching than training.

What we did at Signals was create an App which would put all of its field-proven tools on to an iPad. And we added the ability to take data from a sales App, created by, that the customer’s sales team were using.

The result was that the sales managers could review, whenever they wanted, the minute by minute activities of any salesperson who was using the App.

It meant that the sales managers could review, whenever they wanted, the minute by minute activities of their sales people. At a stroke, the sales managers of Gazing’s customer gained the ability to clearly understand the individual activities and behaviours of their team members.

Understanding performance

The App gives managers the tools and processes they need to identify – quickly and precisely – the strengths and weaknesses of each sales person, how they are performing, and what they need to do to increase their success.

It measures every important metric and leaves no room for excuses; and no hiding place for under-performers.

These days, performance reviews are managed more effectively, with greater insight and in accordance with best practice.

An App can never turn a bad salesperson into a top performer. But, loaded with content and tools from arguably the world’s most remarkable training company, it can go a long way to helping sales managers develop the strongest, most effective teams possible

Benefits at a glance

  • World-leading performance management tools on an iPad
  • Delivers a superior and lasting return on your investment in training
  • Helps sales managers build stronger, more effective sales teams
  • Brings consistency and best practice to performance reviews

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