Epson – Help customers calculate print running costs

Help customers calculate print running costs

Colour printers have never been cheaper. Even the high-end professional machines have tumbled in price and leapt in performance as manufacturers scramble to grab market share.

They can afford to compete on price only because, over its lifetime, a printer can use thousands of pounds of ink. And ink is extremely profitable.

For most manufacturers the equation is simple: sell more printers and you sell more ink.

Epson, however, focuses on image quality (excellent) and running costs (low) – two USPs that have made its printers the de facto standard for designers, graphic artists and many print professionals.

Cutting through confusion

Keen to demonstrate its printers’ low cost of ownership, Epson asked Signals to create a ‘Running Costs Calculator.’

Originally deployed as a web-based tool, the calculator offers a quick and simple way to calculate the true cost of printing. You simply enter the model, print size and quality setting for an instant and accurate page cost.

Then we took it a step further, creating an App for iPhones, iPads and Android platforms which now also calculates monthly running costs, compares different types of print, and shows the cost of individual ink cartridges. And because it can be updated in moments, it is always up to date.

Thanks to Signals, Epson can clearly differentiate itself from the competition. Plus, its customers can make better buying decisions, and graphic artists and designers can see exactly how much each page costs to produce. Everyone wins.

Benefits at a glance

  •  A convenient and elegant way to communicate a major sales benefit
  •  Accurate, always-up-to-date proof of running costs
  •  Helps customers make informed buying decisions
  •  Helps graphics professional keep control of – and budget for – running costs

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