A platform for Qlik.

Qlik is a leader in the visual analytics market. Signals, in collaboration with bChannels, has been developing and engineering the platform for the Qlik Specialization Programme. The programme sits within their partner portal and helps Qlik partners to demonstrate their expertise, and to become a Qlik-approved specialization partner. The tool is available for Qlik partners all over the world. This video gives you an introduction to the programme.

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An overview of the tool

Partners are entitled to complete main three steps to gain expertise on a selected specialization, and earn their digital badges. The partner dashboard grid shows all the steps and details in a simple way, using traffic light coloring.

  • Apply for specification
  • Complete the learning journey
  • Submit validation profile to prove the expertise

The next step would be renewal of the validations once the expertise expires, which happens after 12 months. The renewal starts another cycle of apply, learn and validate.

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The project uses the latest web technologies to provide partners with an easy to use, modern and stylish interface with forms to fill in, documents/files to upload with pleasant user messages and more.

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The tool accommodates 17 attractive html email templates, to notify partners about specialization approvals, learning completions and earned badges, as well as reminders for about to expire applications.

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Application reviews, info submissions and validations of partner inputted data are all undertaken within the admin area of the same project. Specific user accounts are assigned an admin role, but this all sits within the same url. Once an admin user lands on the dashboard page they will see the admin grid with additional links for viewing and validating requests from partners. Further menu options are available to admin users; these include reports, user management, pending registrations or expiring applications.

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The partner program went LIVE on 1st of April 2017 with an initial 90 migrated applications, and in June the last batch of specializations went LIVE on Qlik and the learning platform.

To learn more about Qlik Specializations and benefits watch this short video.