Wishing all of our clients and collaborators the very best for a successful and pleasantly surprising 2017.

The (@app)y Stragglers team photo for the Signals Ltd Wildgoose event

We ended 2016, our #Signals25 anniversary year, with a bang thanks to Wildgoose and their Christmas themed challenge treasure hunt.

Their clever use of GPS turned our Christmas do into the perfect mix of fun and interactive team building, and we will no doubt return to them for future events. We will be intrigued to see whether their events become even more refined and exciting along with the technologies they utilize.

On which note, our reliance on GPS technology is something to consider in 2017; the “looming space junk crisis”, as WIRED put it back in 2010, is becoming ever more pressing, just as GPS technology integrates ever deeper into our digital lives. This 99 percent Invisible podcast provides a fascinating, up to date overview of the space junk situation for anyone whose interest is piqued!

We are back in the studio and busy already, so it is great to be kicking off 2017 with our latest addition to the development team in place: welcome to the studio George!