Sunny or not, August means holidays for much of the west.


Anastasia in South Korea


Getting out in the world and away from your usual routine is a good chance to see some new technologies in action. Anastasia has returned from South Korea with veritable slideshow of fun tech to report on.

At Incheon Airport she saw LG’s display technologies in action, including their Smart Mirror; a display that functions as both a mirror and a monitor so displaying information unobtrusively and with style.

She used NFC tags to get additional information and audio from statues around town, and from museums displays, using her phone and used the Smart Tours app to ensure that she saw local attractions and hear all about them.

She used the Google Translate camera feature to understand local signage and the Google maps transport feature to make getting around super easy, and paid for it all using the T money card, which she could use on any form of public transport including taxis.

There’s a big, beautiful tech world out there just waiting to be explored!


One of Seoul’s most infamous exports!