April will be a busy month for Xerox projects at Signals, but we’ll fit in a social to celebrate some important staff milestones: Anastasia joined Signals in 2012 as a junior and only five years on she is a key member of the programming team; Jo joined just after we moved into our current premises in 2006 and her involvement across the studio, with clients and suppliers, has become highly valued; Richard has made it to an extraordinary milestone, 20 years a Signaller!

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief returned to the studio in March! Comic Relief is a brilliant charity that raises funds for a range of causes. We have a tradition of taking part that goes back as far as any of us can remember. This year we played games and ate some cakes, but we also set aside a quiet corner for viewing the funny and informative clips from Comic Relief, to entertain and explain why many celebrities and entertainers take part. Thanks to participation from the whole studio we raised £111 for the charity.

Comic Relief corner in the signals studio on Red Nose Day 2017