Samsung D’light in Seoul gets a visit from Signals’ Anastasia



I’m a huge fan of gadgets and up-and-coming tech so while in Seoul I couldn’t resist going to Samsung d’light in the Gangnam district. D’light is a permanent exhibition space showing off the interesting new technologies Samsung has to offer.

“A must see for early adopters”

At basement level is a store with a product bar which Samsung’s website positions as a “must see for early adopters-with brand-new products from Samsung Electronics’ Lab”, and a Smart Bar at which you can “consult our experts to choose the product that fits your vision”. This is mostly tablets and huge phones, but also home appliances like fridges and air conditioners.



In centre place, though, is the virtual rollercoaster experience; a virtual reality headset and chair that tilts and turns along with the rollercoaster track.

Signals_Samsung_DlightVisit_rollorcoaster2  Signals_Samsung_DlightVisit_rollercoaster


Then it was time for us to head up and explore Samsung d’light itself.

The first floor is designed to determine a person’s profile; what sort of person you are. On entry I was given an RFID wristband to identify me to d’light’s interfaces as I wandered through the exhibition. My picture was taken by a display and shown alongside other recent visitors in the entrance hall. Throughout the building are different areas, some bright and airy, others dark and enclosed. In each is an activity that remembers your journey through the other areas, linking them with your photo and creating a joined-up experience. It almost feels like you are interacting with the building itself.



Several installations have  mirrored wall displays which show you surrounded by a game, or user-generated environment. In one, you can apply an image effect over your photo and randomise it by shaking your phone in front of the screen. In another, you choose a pattern that represents you and draw it in mid air with your hands. It’s a lot of fun and at the end you get the option to share your profile result on social media.



The route on the top floor begins with a series of animated videos about the world of the future and features your avatar interacting with future technologies. This floor also contained several displays on how technology might be used to improve and innovate in education, healthcare and shopping.

“It is our dream to become the ‘light’ that will lead consumers to a whole new lifestyle though digital technology.”

What I enjoyed most was the ‘Live zone’, an exhibit on the house of the future. In this section you wander around a replica of an apartment. In each of the rooms are several tablets which you can pick up to watch an augmented reality video of a family going about their daily lives in this apartment, using the sort of technologies that might be commonplace in the future.



The well thought out, fun activities and clever displays at Samsung d’light really left an impression on me. It’s great to see such optimism about future applications of technology. Especially when they are presented by real, live examples of present day innovation in interactive design.



If you are curious to see more out these videos (not mine) of the first floor and second floor, and you can read Samsung’s own launch article here.