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Autumn. And with all that extra time indoors, why not review just what it is that we do here at Signals, and browse some of our case studies?

SEPTEMBER 2013 flew by, so there will be more on responsive design (RDW) this month on the blog. If you have any favourite responsive websites please share via twitter or facebook. We are always ready to be inspired again.

And this new season brings a new face to the team - a huge big welcome to Nathan!


Welcome to October! This drizzly first day of the month calls for a rainy day activity. How about some puzzles?



Here are just some of the puzzles solved by Signals programmers:

How do you draw attention to something that's everywhere?

How do you communicate the specifications of more than 4,500 products to a customer base that covers almost every country in the world?

How to have better sales training AND more selling time!

How to make training pay off!





Halloween, Day of the Dead, 61 days left in 2011 and more importantly, the last day of the Signals October calendar!

October may be over but we can look forward to more on the Paper Plane game later in the year. Next month there'll be more Thinking Lean from Jamie S and some very useful CODE display tips from the Signals studio.


As this month draws to a close are Signals losing the plot? Would you watch this film?





This October we have a Digital Briefcase inspired Indiana Jones pun for you.

Digital Briefcase is a bespoke software application designed by Signals Ltd to let you present your digital media, on brand and with confidence.

See how we helped the British Library to present a variety of digital materials through a single branded interface.