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CODE: Syntax Highlighter

Courtesy of Greg

While creating our recent Signals Blog 'CODE' posts, we found that our code samples simply weren't as pretty as some of the others out there. After a bit of investigating we decided that Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter looked like a perfect fit for our needs.

We chose this JavaScript based solution primarily for the simplicity of the implementation once the script is in place.
All that is required is a 'brush' class on a <pre> tag.

This syntax highlighter is great! It keeps the mark-up clean so even with JavaScript disabled the content will degrade gracefully and you don't need to keep a load of links to hand or run through (and remember) a long process each time.

Happy days!

The Signals blog is back!

The Signals blog is back, we'll be sharing tips, ideas, insights and thoughts on all things digital media very soon.